Perfect conditions for the general training day for EU cup in Borovets

A perfectly prepared trail and bright sunshine marked the official training day on Popangelov ski run.

At 10:00 AM exactly on Popangelov ski run was given the start of the free training session with the participation of all 62 lady athletes from 16 nations, among them:

With 4 victories and one second ranking in the EU Cup Stephanie Brunner (Austria) is leader in the giant slalom for the EU Cup. Brunner has 571 points in the discipline ahead of Caroline Pichler (Italy) with 226 points. If she is successful in Borovets she will have won the small cup in advance. Among the elite for the EU Cup in the oldest Bulgarian ski resort is also Maren Skjøld (Norway) - leader for the big trophy.

All contestants expressed great satisfaction from the condition of the ski run and the hospitality of the renovated Rila hotel.

The races in Borovets shall be held under number 27 and 28 from the total 32 for the season on the Calendar of the EU Cup.

Austria has the largest team at Borovets competition - 11 alpine lady skiers. Bulgaria shall be represented by beast leading contestants - Maria Kirkova, Vera Asenova, Daniela Elinova and Mihaela Kehaiova.

Tonight from 05:45 PM on the stage of the Rila hotel shall be held the official ceremony for the drawing of the starting numbers for the first giant slalom of the EU Cup on February 12th.

The start in the first run shall be from 11:00 AM on February 12th, the second - from 02:00 PM. According to FIS regulations the first 60 athletes from the first run qualify for the second and the best 30 among them start in inversed order, then the others.

The official opening of the EU Cup in Borovets shall be held on February 12th from 05:45 PM followed by the awarding ceremony for the first giant slalom. Right after shall be the drawing of the starting numbers for the races on February 13th.

Among the guests of the first run and the official opening shall be the only 5-time winner in the World cup in alpine ski for men - Marc Girardelli, Bulgaria's skier No 1 - Petar Popangelov as well as Krasen Kralev- Minister of Youth and Sports and Nikolina Angelkova - Minister of Tourism.

The first start on February 12th will mark the celebrations for the 120 year anniversary of Borovets as mountain resort.

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