Borovets back on the big alpine ski stage

Borovets will be hosting again a round of the European Cup for women's giant slalom. On February 12th and 13th some of the best athletes in the world will compete on the legendary ski slope “Yastrebets 2” which has been renamed after the best Bulgarian skier ever - Peter Popangelov.

This will be the 12-th European Cup to be held in Borovets - the first Bulgarian resort where several generations of the best Bulgarian ski athletes in the 1970s and 1980s were trained and formed by Samokov ski school. The first hosting of the European Cup took place back in 1977 again in slalom and giant slalom. This nomination was mainly the merit of Peter Popangelov and his international success, Assen Minchev, a famous Bulgarian sports journalist, says. The first run of the giant slalom was held on “Cherveno Zname” ski slope, the second on “Martinovi Baraki 2”. Unfortunately the warm weather melted the snow in the lower part of the run and the people of Samokov town heroically carried tons of snow up the slope saving the race. Peter Popangelov was the winner in both giant slalom and slalom finishing on the newly built but still unlicensed “Yastrebets 2” ski run. Due to insufficient snow conditions the starts were moved there and the chief of the FIS's technical commission agreed to homologate “Yastrebets 2” on the spot.

Another ten European and two World cups - in 1981 and 1984, followed. In the second - the giant slalom race was won by the Swedish racer Stenmark, followed by Girardelli from Luxembourg. They switched positions in the slalom where Girardelli was the winner.

Some of the best teams worldwide will ride on “Popangelov” run in less than 20 days. According to information by the organizers - BFSki, athletes from 14 countries have registered so far, among them: Norway, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Slovenia, Russia, Japan. The registration is still ongoing.

The access to the audience area will be free. A free shuttle line from the parking lot in front of the Gondola lift to the race area - Yastrebetz Ski Center will be available for everyone wishing to watch the races. Samokov municipality will provide a parking lot in lower Borovets and free transportation to the resort.

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