Borovets about to welcome the elite in ladies alpine skiing for the EU Cup

Borovets is host again to the EU Cup for alpine skiing - this time to ladies in giant slalom. On February 12th and 13th some of the best alpine lady skiers in the world shall compete on the Yastrebetz-2 run named after Bulgarian ski legend Peter Popangelov-  Bulgaria's best skier ever.

This is the 12th EU Cup to be held in Borovets and first time for ladies. Only men have so far tested their endurance and skills in major competitions on the slopes of the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria. Several generations of the Samokov ski school grow and ski on the slopes of the resort to rank later among the best athletes with the highest achievements in the history of Bulgarian ski sport in the 70ies and 80ies.

This year Borovets is celebrating its 120th anniversary since its foundation in 1896 as a summer destination by the then Bulgaria's king Kniaz Ferdinand, his family and other members of the Court. After several decades of sports history Borovets became a favourite place for sports and relaxation. The first EU Cup in Borovets was held in 1977 in giant slalom and slalom. This was due in major part to the great international success of Peter Popangelov as skier in these years - Asen Minchev - a well known Bulgarian sports journalist says. The first run in giant slalom was held on Cherveno Zname run, the second- on Martinovi Baraki 2.  

The last race for the EU Cup to be held in Borovets was only two year ago - in 2014 , when Borovets came back to the international ski competition stage with the races for men in slalom and giant slalom. This year the resort marks its 120th anniversary by welcoming the best ladies in the alpine skiing in less than 10 days time on the Popangelov run. According to the organizers- the Bulgarian Ski Federation some 80 racers from 15 countries have listed so far and they come from Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden.

Stephanie Brunner from Austria - number 1 in the FIS point list in giant slalom for EU Cup is also coming to Borovets. Brunner's team-mate Ricarda Haaser - 11th in the rank list for the EU Cup in the same discipline has also listed for Borovets races.

Petra Vlahova from Slovakia has also listed for preliminary participation to the races for the EU Cup in Borovets. Petra Vlahova is born 13.06.1995 and is competing for the World Cup. She has specialized in technical disciplines slalom and giant slalom. Vlahova made her debut on the 17th of December 2012 and won her first World Cup medal in December 2015 in Ore, Sweden in slalom discipline.

In 2012 Vlahova won golden medal on the Junior Olympics and in 2014 she represents Slovakia at the Sochi (Russia) Olympics.
Borosport has gathered a team of brilliant experts in different fields under the guidance of Georgui Kochov - executive director of Borosport and former coach of the National alpine ski team. In the period February 1st to 9th the Popangelov run will be ready for the starts so as to meet FIS requirements. This is why the run will be closed for tourists from January 30th to February 13th. The other slopes in the resort are available and have the capacity to meet all the other guests of the resort.
On the 12th and 13th of February- the days of the races - special access rules shall be in force from the Tzarska Bistritza palace to the Popangelov ski run and only vehicles with special permits shall be allowed to access the race area.

The official opening shall be on February 12th from 05:45 PM on the stage in front of the Rila hotel. The media conference shall also be held on February 12th from 04:00 PM in the Zahari Zograf conference hall of the Rila hotel.


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